Diet Switching Protocols

Food Transition Guide

Day 1-3: Feed 75% old food, with 25% new food

Day 4-5: Feed 50% old food, with 50% new food

Day 6-7: Feed 25% old food, with 75% new food

Day 8-14: Feed 100% new

  • Your transition may go faster or slower depending on the pet 

    Developing Your Pet’s Grain-Free, Low Glycemic diet

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Step 1: Select a Dry/Complete Food

  • Dry Kibble can be utilized alone or add things to it such as canned food or fresh ingredients!

  • Add water to dehydrated foods to make a complete meal

  • Use Base Mix plus cooked or raw meat of your choosing to make a complete meal

Use only Clear Glass Bowls for food and water

Brands We Love:

Step 2: Select a Canned Food

Canned foods may be used as a meal, a supplement to dry foods, or to help pet take the supplements

Brands We Love:

Step 3: Select a few Treats

Be sure to only use Grain-Free, Dairy Free treats

Treats We Love:

  • Bixbi (Beef Liver Jerky or Salmon Jerky)

  • Buddy Biscuits (GF Peanut Butter)

  • Cocotherapy (Vanilla/Flax)

  • Crumps Beef Liver Bites

  • Dr. Jodie’s N-Trail Organ Mix

  • Wag More Savory Duck

  • K-9 Green Bean Chips

  • Pet Kind Tripe Treats

  • Primal Lung Crisps

  • Stella & Chewy Carnivore Crunch Duck

Step 4: Chew Items & Raw Bones

Bully Sticks . Tripe Twists . Beef Tendon Sticks . Scapulas . Tracheas . Bully Rolls
Raw Bones . Raw Necks . Raw Morsels. Organ Meat