Dr. Sheppard and the Curious Case of the Velcro Weimaraner

Dr. Sheppard and the Curious Case of the Velcro Weimaraner

Dr. Gregg Sheppard, DVM

Dr. Gregg Sheppard received his bachelor’s degree from Michigan State then went on to complete his doctorate in veterinary medicine from Michigan State in 1992. He practiced conventionally at Patterson Veterinary Hospital in Clinton Township from 1992 to 2000, and at Serenity Animal Hospital in Sterling Heights from 2001 to 2010.

He met his wife, Melissa, while working at Patterson Veterinary Hospital where she was a vet tech. They were first introduced to alternative medicine when looking for answers to their daughter’s chronic health issues. They took her to every doctor imaginable, but no one could give them answers to her failing immune system. After many years, Melissa finally grabbed the Yellow Pages and searched for alternative medicine. It brought them to Dr. David Jantz in Grosse Pointe Woods who introduced them to muscle testing, supplements, detoxification, and other methods of holistic medicine. They had finally found an effective treatment for Payton that got to the root cause of her condition. The world of medicine changed for both Gregg and Melissa, and soon after, Sheppard Alternative Animal Care was founded.

Gregg and Melissa have been married since 2001 and have two children, Payton and Nolan. They also have a German Shepherd named Caliber. When they aren’t in the office, they enjoy spending time as a family...going to the movies, camping, fishing, relaxing on the beach, and being outside! Dr. Sheppard loves watching football and rooting on his alma mater, MSU.

Dr. Sheppard and his team offer a holistic approach to solving your pet's chronic health issues using a non-invasive system of analyzing your pet's body. He can formulate an individualized nutritional program allowing the body to fully repair itself and achieve an optimum level of health... just as nature intended.