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the Morphogenic Field Technique

What if you or your pet could naturally restore the health and vitality of your body by providing it with the exact nutrients that are needed? What if you could "match" the energy signature of their personal energy field with the energy signature of the correct nutritional protocol to get this goal accomplished? Incredibly, improved nutritional health is made possible by the "information" available through your own body's "energy signal" that is constantly being emitted.

Scientists know that everything has it’s own energy signature-meaning it emits a specific field of energy. The energy signature of most objects is "constant". However, the energy signature of living organisms (like you and your pet) can be very dynamic, based upon a number of environmental factors. For example, the energy signature of a rock is constant. In plants and animals, the energy signature can vary based upon the available water or other nutrients that the life-form consumes daily. Animals have a very dynamic, changing (morphing) energy field based upon their diet. In MFT, this is the "M-Field" and it can be objectively measured. If you apply this energy field concept to Natural Health Care, it is possible to match the energy signature of the food that you consume to the current needs of the body.

Most patients consult a healthcare provider for one reason--they have a health concern and they are searching for the practitioner that they feel can solve this problem. Practitioners who use MFT know from experience that diet is the #1 factor in total health. Every day, you must have the "raw materials" needed on that day to rebuild every cell that is being "turned over"--30-70 billion of them per day! Many degenerative conditions and diseases can be the result of poor dietary habits over years or decades.

Your pet is a unique individual. There is no one diet plan that is right for everybody, in spite of the claims made in TV and media commercials! MFT specializes in creating a diet and supplement plan that is customized to your pet’s own unique energy signature (M-Field).

The real answer to health comes in the form of unadulterated organic whole food and supplements derived from organic whole food. The power of nutritional healing is magnified when it is matched to the individual. This is difficult to achieve in our busy, commercialized world. We see endless promotions for fast food, junk food and media "lies" that imply that a food product is "healthy" when, in reality, it is NOT. The current health crisis in America is the result!

We know, from years of clinical success, that patients who are constantly tired, in pain or otherwise symptomatic have very "small" or unbalanced energy fields/ M-Fields. Conversely, people who are symptom-free and full of energy have very "large" and balanced M-Fields;

Using MFT procedures, Dr.Sheppard can gauge the "quality" of your pet’s energy field. With the information derived from the use of the MFT Testing Procedure, he can design dietary changes and whole food supplements that can "amplify" the M-Field. Over time, as your pet begin creating new cells and tissues with optimum nutrition, their enlarged M-Field can move them in the direction of improved overall health.

Your MFT nutrition protocol will match only your pet! We always customize the program to amplify your pet’s M-Field. We conform to you! You do not conform to us. MFT is truly a "revolution" in modern nutritional healing!